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The top treatments for bright eyes.

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The New Year means a time of renewal for many of us, but the fact remains that we are experiencing the dead of winter; limited daylight hours and the business of life can leave us looking and feeling a little drained. In this post, we share with Oakville and Southern Ontario patients our favourite tips to refresh a tired look.

Top treatments for bright eyes.

  • One of the subtlest ways that youthful eyes can be achieved is with an at-home lash enhancement treatment. Within a few months of nightly application of a medical-grade lash serum, the length, fullness and depth of your natural lashes are boosted. As simple as it seems, there is no question that lush and thick lashes can do wonders to revive tired-looking eyes.
  • Dark circles can be attributed to thinning skin under the eyes. The network of veins and vessels beneath the skin’s surface become more visible, and the accompanying hollowness can lead to a deflated and wan look. A quick and lasting treatment to rejuvenate the tear troughs—a procedure that entails little to no recovery time—is a dermal filler treatment. By restoring lost volume underneath the eyes with a hyaluronic acid treatment, dark circles are faded and depressions are smoothed for eyes that look more youthful and bright.
  • Smile lines that contribute to wrinkles around the eyes are something to celebrate, but when these lines become entrenched, they can contribute to a stressed look. A neuromodulator treatment such as BOTOX COSMETIC® can soften the intensity of these expression lines for a more rested and relaxed appearance.

These powerhouse treatments can do much to turn back the clock on tired eyes. In addition to these prescribed and in-office remedies, we suggest that patients apply a nourishing and hydrating eye cream and broad-spectrum sunscreen daily to slow the aging process. To learn more about these treatments, or to gain insight into the best skincare practices for youthful and bright eyes, we welcome you to book a complimentary consultation with our medical aesthetician Bethany. Call 905.901.9545 or email [email protected] to arrange your appointment today.

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