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5 ways to keep your skin young.

Turning to cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery is an effective measure to address and correct aging concerns. Treatments such as neuromodulators, injectable fillers, clinical peels, skin tightening and lifting surgeries provide results beyond what can be achieved with at-home treatments.That being said, there are essential habits to integrate into everyday life to maintain more youth. In this article we discuss simple steps that are easily integrated into one’s lifestyle that support healthy and youthful skin.

5 ways to keep your skin young.

Sleep well.

Getting quality sleep has many health benefits for your mind and body. Research has shown that people who get less than six hours of sleep per night have higher levels of inflammatory blood proteins. Chronic inflammation is associated with normal and pathological aging. This in addition to the benefits of sleep for memory, mood, weight management and creativity are good motivation to prioritize sleep hygiene. It is recommended to set a routine for when you go to sleep and wake up each day and to avoid stimulation from light, electronic devices and food into the hours leading to your bedtime.


Regular exercise has numerous health benefits for overall well being, but recent research has shown that being physically fit can actually keep us younger. So if the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle aren’t motivation enough to get active, perhaps staying young will be. Read more about this research here. Health Canada recommends two and a half hours of moderate to vigorous exercise for adults every week to maintain health and a healthy body weight.

Eat well.

Having a well balanced diet helps us to maintain energy and prevent disease. Introducing antioxidant-rich foods into our diets can reduce the negative effects of oxidative stress that can lead to disease and aging. Examples of antioxidant-rich foods include: blueberries, turmeric, walnuts, green leafy vegetables, green tea and garlic. Click here to access Health Canada’s food guide for balanced nutrition.

Wear sunscreen.

The medical community emphasizes the need for sunscreen use to prevent skin cancer and skin aging – attributing 90 per cent of the visible signs of aging to accumulative sun exposure. Until recently, there were no long-term studies to clinically prove that sunscreen use prevents aging. A 2013 study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine demonstrated a 24% decrease in aging for those who wore sunscreen daily over a four and a half year period. It’s prudent to wear sunscreen even on cloudy winter days when it seems sunscreen isn’t necessary, as UVA rays penetrate through clouds, smoke and glass to cause damage to our skin. Look for a minimum SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen for optimal protection.

Use retinol.

Vitamin A is one of the most effective topical anti-aging ingredients at our disposal. It is clinically proven to reverse damage caused by the sun. It helps to regulate the cell renewal process as well as sebum production in the skin. The overall rejuvenating benefits of vitamin A results in refined pores, minimized lines and wrinkles as well as a more uniform skin tone. The winter months are an ideal time to introduce this skin treatment to address damage accrued over the summer. It goes without saying that daily sunscreen use is important for skin health, but vitamin A derivatives such as Retinol, retinoic acid or Retin A can cause the skin to be photosensitive, making sunscreen use a must to protect the freshly renewed skin.

These are just a few of the steps you can be taking at home to maintain younger skin. To learn more about ways to rejuvenate your skin, Oakville Plastic Surgery and Advanced Skincare invites you to book a complimentary consultation with Bethany, our medical aesthetician. Call 905.901.9545 or email [email protected] to request an appointment.

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