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Antioxidants for the skin—why they’re important.

antioxidants for skin, vitamins for skin

Vitamins for skin repair.

We all know we need to get our dose of vitamins through our diet in order for our body to function at its best, but we may not fully appreciate they need to be applied topically for healthier skin as well. With all the attention from beauty bloggers and media in recent years, you’re most likely familiar with the concept of antioxidants and the skin, but here’s a closer look at why they are important.

FAQs about antioxidant skin benefits:

  • The benefits of the vitamin E antioxidant are based on its ability to protect cells from oxidative stress. This free radical damage can occur naturally with cellular respiration, or when the skin is exposed to pollution and ultraviolet light.
  • It is clinically proven that when vitamin E and vitamin C are present in the skin, the damage incurred by sunlight is significantly reduced.
  • In addition to this cellular protection, vitamin C also helps to fade skin discolourations such as brown spots and acne scars, as well as stimulate collagen synthesis for firmer skin.
  • In order to delay the signs of aging and ward off the ill effects of pollution and sunlight, it is vital to protect the skin with topical antioxidants. Other common antioxidants found in skincare include superoxide dismutase, green tea, resveratrol and grape seed extract.
  • In order to realize the greatest antioxidant skin benefits, it is important to use a concentrated serum formula—one that has been designed to prevent oxidation of the active ingredients. This important consideration will ensure the investment you’re making in these often more expensive products worthwhile.

At Oakville Plastic Surgery and Advanced Skincare, we have carefully researched and hand-selected antioxidants that meet the highest standard of stability and efficacy. There is a wide range of options for various skin types and concerns. In need of guidance? Call 905.901.9545 or email [email protected], and one of our skin experts will be happy to help you.

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