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Facelifts demystified.

Facelift surgery can be an intimidating prospect. It requires a commitment of both time and money and with some unfortunate examples of poorly performed procedures in the media, it is no wonder people are hesitant to consider it. In this article we’ll discuss how facelift procedures have evolved and how we are dedicated to achieving results that will leave you looking rested and natural.

How facelift procedures have evolved.

Early facelifts often left people with a drawn or tight facial appearance. This was due to the technique of the time, which included the cutting and trimming of excess skin at the hairline. The skin may have been smooth and taut, but the aesthetic result was not very natural. The ‘pulled’ look could be somewhat severe – making it obvious that surgery had been performed.

Modern facelift surgery involves more complex steps, therefore yielding a more desirable result. While excess skin is still trimmed and redraped, other steps such as realigning muscle tissue and transferring adipose tissue are just as important. Not only is the skin tightened and trimmed but targeting the underlying facial ‘scaffolding’ also restores youthful facial contours. The surgical incisions are kept minimal and placed inconspicuously behind the ear or around the curve of the ear as needed.

Is more than one surgical procedure necessary during a facelift?

A facelift is not a one-size fits all treatment. A facelift procedure addresses the loose skin of the cheeks and jawline. In order to correct the signs of aging around the neck, a neck lift is required. For drooping eyelids or eyebrows, a blepharoplasty or brow lift procedure may be needed to fully realize your goals. Combining these treatments at the time of a facelift procedure rather than opting for them individually at a later date is certainly an attractive option. Combining facial treatments has the added value of reducing recovery time and in certain cases, delivering a more balanced and natural look. A thorough consultation with Dr. Nancy de Kleer, plastic surgeon, will determine whether one or more procedures are required to achieve your goals.

When is it time to consider surgery?

Contrary to popular belief, facelifts are not a last resort for addressing skin aging. A certain amount of elasticity is still needed in the skin to yield optimal outcomes from a procedure. Suitable facelift candidates are generally between the ages of 40 and 70; however, there is no right age for a facelift – rather there are specific goals for different age groups and for each face. When non-invasive procedures such as injectables, Fotofacial RF® and Thermage® are unable to fully address the aging concerns at hand, surgery may be the next step.

What is the recovery from a facelift procedure like?

Immediately upon completion of the surgery the skin will be sutured and bandaged. Keeping the head elevated, taking prescribed pain medication and applying ice packs can help with reducing patient discomfort. Swelling and bruising should be expected after surgery and can last up to two weeks. Having a family member or friend on hand to help with the daily routine for the first 24 to 48 hours is recommended. Between one and two weeks following surgery the stitches will be removed and most of the bruises will have healed. Sometimes numbness and stiffness can be experienced for months after surgery. Following the instructions of your surgeon closely and attending follow-up appointments will ensure the best possible recovery.

If you’re interested in pursuing your surgical treatment options for facial rejuvenation, we invite you to request a professional consultation with Dr. Nancy de Kleer, plastic surgeon. Dr. de Kleer will build a customized treatment plan by thoroughly discussing your facial concerns and desired outcomes. A one-time $100 surgical consultation fee may be applied towards your chosen surgical treatment. Call (905) 901-9545 or email us today to request an appointment.


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