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How does HALO® Laser Treatment Work and is it Right For Me?

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That HALO® Glow: What Does Laser Technology Really Do?

Our favourite treatments are multitaskers, just like you. When we introduced HALO Laser technology at Oakville Plastic Surgery, it was to fulfil a need our patients had with one treatment that does it all. With healing, skin-renewing technology that restores vibrant skin and treats signs of aging, HALO is a multi-tasking, hybrid laser treatment that truly restores. 

What makes HALO® special?

HALO is a hybrid fractional laser treatment – which means it combines ablative and non-ablative laser wavelengths. Before hybrid fractional lasers were accessible in Canada, patients had to pick either an ablative or non-ablative laser treatment. Ablative laser treatment requires more downtime because the wavelengths are deeper, but the results are usually more noticeable. Non-ablative laser treatment uses shorter wavelengths, and skin recovers quickly, but results are usually less profound. HALO hybrid laser treatments let your laser specialist treat a variety of concerns with differing wavelengths; opting for a deeper wavelength in some treatment areas and using shorter wavelengths to target surface concerns. In this way, we can minimize downtime and maximize beautiful results. Traditional laser treatments often require 5-6 treatments, while HALO treatments can show results after just one session here at our Oakville clinic.

What does HALO® laser treat?

Each HALO treatment outcome is as unique as your skin, and regular treatments are proven to amplify results. Your laser treatment’s multifaceted results may even appear within a week of your first treatment.

Here’s what HALO® laser can do:

  • Restore a glow (that HALO glow!) to tired or dull complexions
  • Eliminate some signs of sun damage like pigmentation or age spots
  • Improve skin texture and clarity
  • Address acne scarring and uneven texture
  • Target fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging

How long does HALO® laser treatment take?

HALO treatments are usually 15-30 minutes, but you’ll come in for a consultation first so we can make a game plan to maximize your results. We often recommend laser treatments as part of a complete facial rejuvenation plan. So if you’re coming to us for facial surgery or a skincare regimen, we might recommend HALO as part of a cohesive plan that meets all your goals. HALO doesn’t require extensive downtime and allows for quicker recovery than traditional fractional laser resurfacing does. Within a week you’ll notice results appearing, and we typically recommend 1-2 treatments as part of a comprehensive skincare plan to make your outcome as lovely as it can be.

What is aftercare like for HALO® laser treatment?

HALO treatment triggers your skin’s natural healing to promote healing and skin regeneration, so you’ll need to be gentle with your skin after the laser does its regenerating work. The right aftercare plan lets your skin do its magic and ensures the best possible outcome. 

Right after treatment, you’ll likely notice some redness and tightness; similar to a slight sunburn or the way your face feels after a day on the ski slopes. 

A few days after treatment, you’ll notice your skin naturally sloughing away dead skin cells. MENDS (microscopic epidermal necrotic debris) will form on the surface of the skin. These look like bronzed patches of flaky skin, and within a week they fall off to reveal the refreshed skin underneath. 

We’ll recommend a gentle moisturizer and cleanser, so you’re not aggravating your skin while it responds to the laser treatment. It will be sensitive for the first few days as it naturally performs a deep exfoliation to restore your complexion.

You’ll want to avoid sun exposure, especially for the first week following treatment. You should use a 30+ SPF broad spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Even the Canadian winters require broad spectrum protection; the sun is always sneaking around behind those clouds.

Ready to explore facial rejuvenation?

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