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The Prevention Series – BOTOX Cosmetic®.

Curious to learn what our treatments and procedures are like from first-hand experience? You’ll love our new series!

Introducing our new Prevention Series!

With this series, we’ll be exploring the best treatments for patients looking to age beautifully. Whether you’re in your twenties and looking to begin a treatment regimen or open to trying something new later in life, let’s explore all the possibilities.

This month, Alyssa takes us behind-the-scenes of her first BOTOX Cosmetic® treatment and tells us what BOTOX Cosmetic® is really like for a first-timer.

Meet Alyssa. Over the next few months, she’ll be trying some of the treatments our younger patients ask about most. She’s a skincare explorer, a trier of new treatments, and is eager to share her journey as she investigates what it’s really like to be a patient at Oakville Plastic Surgery.

Hi Alyssa! Tell us something about yourself.

I’m 26 years old and have worked in the beauty industry for four years. My boyfriend Jesse and I are lucky to live near local vineyards and we love enjoying a crisp Riesling together. I really love animals and we have a corgi, Toki, who we love dearly. Since working in the beauty industry, I’ve discovered a passion for nail art and makeup, so I’m continually exploring and developing my skills in aesthetics.

Why did you decide to start exploring treatments at Oakville Plastic Surgery?

I’ve been working in the beauty industry for four years, so I love aesthetics but always felt a bit too nervous to try certain procedures!! All of this is very new to me. But I’ve also done my research and I feel like at 26 I shouldn’t have to worry about these fine lines and wrinkles on my forehead. I’m excited to find a solution for some of my concerns and unleash a new dose of confidence.

What were you expecting from the treatment?

I wanted to get rid of the fine lines on my forehead and in between my eyebrows. They’ve really started to bother me.

How did you feel at the clinic?

I honestly felt so relaxed and welcome. Everyone is so kind, and Cheryl made sure I felt comfortable and answered all my questions, so I understood the procedure from start to finish.

What are you hoping to notice as your results fade in?

I’m hoping to see fewer lines in my forehead – I think they distract from the other more lovely aspects of my face!

What would you tell people who are also thinking about getting the treatment?

If you feel hesitant, come in for a consultation to chat and ask questions. Oakville Plastic Surgery is great at explaining how BOTOX® works and helping you understand the full picture. If fine lines are something that you struggle with (at any age), this is absolutely something that I would recommend doing.

Was the treatment painful at all?

It happened more quickly than I thought! I felt a pinch but numbing cream was used to make the experience less painful and more comfortable.

What did you learn from the procedure that we might want to know?

Because I’m in my twenties, I had some misconceptions about BOTOX® and thought it was only for people who already have deep wrinkles. But this treatment is not necessarily just for someone that already has fine lines they are looking to smooth, it is also for someone that wants to prevent them.

Meet Cheryl. She’s our Nurse Injector and leads our Cosmetic Injectable Service.

Hi Cheryl. What was your assessment of Alyssa?

During our consultation, I noticed that she was already forming lines on her forehead, even at rest. Her frown muscle was fairly strong and when she contracted this group of muscles, a deep depression was beginning to form. I also noticed that her upper lip tends to be hyperactive and rises up higher than normal. We injected a small dose of BOTOX® here as well to settle down the strength of this muscle.

What would you recommend for Alyssa’s follow-up?

We recommend keeping up with BOTOX® treatments 3-4 times annually, but each treatment is meant to show results.

Is 26 too early to consider BOTOX®?

This is a perfect time for Alyssa to consider using BOTOX® as an important part of her skincare regimen, in order to prevent permanent wrinkles from forming. She’ll thank me later! Everyone comes for treatment for different reasons – some are already forming deep wrinkles and others are more focused on prevention.

How much did the procedure cost?

The cost to treat Alyssa’s forehead was under $250.

If you’d like to learn more about BOTOX® at Oakville Plastic Surgery, contact us to book a consultation and let’s assess your needs for correction and prevention!

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