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The Prevention Series – Laser Hair Removal.

Curious to learn what our treatments and procedures are like from first-hand experience? You’ll love our new series!

Welcome to Part 2 of our new Prevention Series!

We’re exploring the best treatments for patients looking to age beautifully. Whether you’re in your twenties and noticing the first signs of aging or later in life looking to age beautifully, this series offers insight for everyone. Last month Alyssa tried a BOTOX Cosmetic® treatment for the first time at Oakville Plastic Surgery.

This month our skincare explorer Alyssa tried Laser Hair Removal for the first time! Here’s an inside look at what the experience was like for her at Oakville Plastic Surgery. 

Hi, welcome back! Can you tell us about the outcomes were you hoping for with Laser Hair Removal? 

Alyssa: I love the idea of a permanent solution for hair growth, so that I don’t have to wax or shave. I am really hoping that there will be little to no hair regrowth in the treated areas – fingers crossed!

What would you tell people who are considering this treatment?

A: I’d tell them it’s more than worth it; you won’t have to worry about waxing anymore! Having a smooth, even complexion that you don’t have to think about is the best feeling.

Was Laser Hair Removal painful at all? 

A: I was surprised- it wasn’t as painful as I expected. It was also pretty quick, so the discomfort was over quickly. That made it tolerable and worth it. Michelle was also very attentive and always checked to make sure I was comfortable and not in any pain during my treatments.

What advice would you give to someone who was thinking about getting LHR?

A: If you get this done, it will save you time and stress in the future. If it is something you have thought of or considered, absolutely do it! I have already gained so much confidence in myself with just one visit.

Michele, one of Laser Hair Removal Experts, gives us the goods on how Laser Hair Removal (LHR) really works!

So, how does Laser Hair Removal (LHR) work? 

Michele: LHR works by sending a pulse of light into the roots of each hair, disabling their growth, specifically, the laser targets the melanin (pigment) in the hair follicle. When the laser concentrates its energy on the melanin, it will, for the most part, destroy it and the attached hair follicle, which is what prevents the future hair growth.

Ok, so how many treatments do patients usually need? 

M: Truly, the number of treatments a patient will require will ultimately be determined by hair type and colour, and the area of the body they are hoping to treat. 

What parts of the body can be LHR’d?

M: We use the GentleMax laser from Candela – the gold standard in gentle laser hair removal™ –  so we are able to treat any part of the body, from upper lip to bikini lines to the chest etc, and both men and women love LHR! 

What is the recovery process like? 

M: Recovery is very simple! Our LHR device has a built-in cooling device that cools to skin’s surface, and while the skin may be a little red post-treatment, it generally clears quite quickly (but it depends on skin type).

Thanks Alyssa and Michele! Enjoy your new hair-free feelings and see you next month.
Learn more about laser hair removal here.

Curious about cost?
Laser Hair Removal prices vary based on the treatment area, skin and hair type, Treatments take place five weeks apart. Alyssa’s treatment was for the whole lower back area and included a package of five treatments for $1000. We find it useful to compare this cost to monthly waxing treatments, which can cost $80/treatment= roughly $1000 every year

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