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Why liposuction is still a gold standard treatment.

With the advent of body contouring procedures such as Velashape, offering fat reduction without the downtime associated with surgery, is there still a place for liposuction?

There are certainly circumstances where opting for a non-surgical solution is appropriate, such as when a small amount of unwanted fat is resistant to diet and exercise, or when the tone and shape of the surrounding skin tissue (think the dimpling caused by cellulite) requires attention.

The points of difference between liposuction and non-surgical fat reduction.

  • In circumstances when a larger amount of fat needs to be removed, liposuction remains the best cosmetic practice. Not only can the plastic surgeon precisely control the removal area and the amount of fat tissue to remove, they can combine the liposuction procedure with body lifting methods to tighten and reshape the area, thus creating an ideal shape or silhouette as needed.
  • With liposuction, expected outcomes can be clearer as the surgeon has a greater influence over the intended treatment results. This differs from non-surgical procedures, whose circumferential reduction is difficult to predict, as each individual’s response to treatment will vary.
  • Additionally, many non-surgical body contouring methods do not destroy the fat cells, but in fact shrink them. This can affect the longevity of the treatment results if weight gain causes the fat cells to expand. Liposuction removes the adipose tissue and therefore lessens the potential for relapse.

Methods to reduce recovery time.

Recovery time is arguably one of the biggest obstacles to surgical treatment. Fortunately, surgical methods are constantly being refined to minimize their invasiveness and thereby reduce recovery times. At Oakville Plastic Surgery & Medspa, all surgical procedures are performed by Dr. de Kleer, plastic surgeon. Dr. de Kleer employs a tumescent liposuction method whereby the area to be treated is injected with a numbing solution. This has a vasoconstricting effect which eases the removal of fat tissue, thus reducing bruising and trauma to the surrounding tissues and expediting recovery time.

Liposuction as a complement to surgical procedures.

The benefits of this surgical method extend beyond fat reduction. Plastic surgeons look to liposuction in procedures such as autologous breast reconstruction to harvest fat from areas of the body in order to recreate a breast post mastectomy. In the case of facial cosmetic surgery, fat transfer techniques can offer an effective long-term solution to facial volume loss in areas such as the cheeks and under the eyes to restore a refreshed appearance to the face.

The advent of less invasive methods to remove excess fat is an exciting area of aesthetic medicine. However, liposuction still holds its own for the aforementioned reasons. Fortunately, methods have evolved to facilitate a speedier recovery from this surgical procedure. Unsure of whether or not your concern requires liposuction or a non-invasive approach with a device such as Velashape? Oakville Plastic Surgery & Medspa welcomes you to book a surgical consultation. A nominal fee applies which may be applied towards your treatment. Call 905.901.9545 or email [email protected] to request an appointment.

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