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Your fall beauty plan.

With fall at our doorstep, it’s time to add some new to-dos to your beauty plan. The change of season in Ontario also means changes for your skin, and there is skin repair to be done after the intensity of the summer sun. Oakville patients can consider integrating the following list of suggestions to maintain their best skin into the new season.

1. Book your repairing in-office treatments.

Even if you were exceptionally diligent with applying sunscreen this past summer, you will have accrued sun damage. This is why the fall is the perfect time to come and visit us for repairing treatments such as clinical peels and fotofacials. Regular in-office maintenance with these treatments can correct sun damage and maintain a more youthful skin condition. There is nothing quite like a professional treatment to refresh and brighten your skin post-summer.

2. Give yourself a break from hair removal next summer season.

Given the social nature of the summer season, our lives can feel even fuller and more busy than usual. Plan ahead now so that next year, finding time for waxing and shaving will not be an issue. Laser hair removal is the ideal solution to reduce unwanted hair. It’s optimal to begin a series of treatments in the fall and winter so that by the time spring and summer arrive you’ll greet the season fuzz-free.

3. Refresh your skincare for the weather change.

With the cooler weather, our skin becomes dryer and requires additional moisture. The fall is the ideal time to arrange a complimentary skincare consultation with our medical aesthetician. She will assess your skin and make the appropriate recommendations to beautifully transition your skin from summer to fall.

4. Hold off on the hot water.

While warming ourselves up with a hot bath or shower is hard to resist, it can dry out our skin and possibly exacerbate skin rashes such as eczema, which can be triggered by the cold weather. Reducing use of hot water and applying a body oil or lotion immediately after you bathe is essential to caring for your skin over the fall and winter months.

These are just a few adjustments to your beauty routine to consider for the change of season. To learn more about which treatments and medical grade skincare will benefit your skin the most for fall, Oakville Plastic Surgery and Advanced Skincare invites you to book a professional consultation with us. Call 905.901.9545 or email [email protected] to request an appointment.

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