Why sunscreen is important in the winter. | Oakville Plastic Surgery – Dr. Nancy de Kleer


Why sunscreen is important in the winter.

A common misconception for many Canadians is that applying sunscreen isn’t necessary in the winter months. After all, the days are shorter and the sun can seem less intense when its warmth is not readily felt. Unfortunately, this belief may be a contributing factor to the continued rise in incidence of skin cancers like melanoma. In fact, skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer in North America.

Aside from the logistics of a cold and dark Canadian winter, many people avoid wearing sunscreen because they often smell strongly, feel heavy and can cause skin congestion or irritation. At Oakville Plastic Surgery & Medspa, we are sensitive to these common deterrents for sunscreen adherence, which is why we offer Oakville and Southern Ontario patients with a medical-grade, chemical-free sunscreen option from TiZO®.

The TiZO® difference.

Using mineral-based sunscreens that have been expertly formulated for a smooth, non-streaky application, TiZO® products provide broad-spectrum sun protection for all skin types and texture preferences. These high-performance preparations feel light on the skin, and do not sting the eyes or clog the pores. By reflecting ultraviolet light rays rather than absorbing them, the mineral sunscreens minimize skin inflammation and premature aging.

Winter sun protection.

Just like the summer sun, winter sunlight reflecting off of snow, glass and pavement causes damage to the skin. If you have avoided sunscreen due to sticky and heavy formulations, then it may be time to try something new for the sake of your skin health. We invite you to book a complimentary skincare consultation with our medical aesthetician  to discover your sunscreen of choice. Your skin will thank you. Contact us to arrange your appointment today.

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