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Why a Vampire Facelift is the answer to youthful skin.

You may have seen glimpses of a new type of facial on the social media streams of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Bar Refaeli and wondered what the story is behind this unique skin treatment. In this article, we explain what a Vampire Facelift treatment involves, and why it is steadily gaining popularity as a non-invasive method to maintain youthful skin.

What a Vampire Facelift is and how it benefits the skin.

A Vampire Facelift involves having your blood drawn, which is then spun through a centrifuge to separate the blood plasma. This plasma is then mixed with gel to form SELPHYL®. This gel is injected into the skin to rebuild the supportive structures for firmer and smoother skin.

The plasma initiates growth factors in the skin, which heals damaged cells and stimulates cellular growth. The cellular growth results in newly synthesized collagen, leading to improved skin firmness and reduced wrinkles in the weeks following the treatment.

At Oakville Plastic Surgery and Advanced Skincare, we often pair SELPHYL® treatments with microneedling in order to enhance the resurfacing and regenerating benefits with the healing and skin rebuilding actions of a Vampire Facelift.

Regular treatments counteract the degeneration of the skin’s connective tissue that occurs with natural aging changes, poor lifestyle choices and environmental stressors such as UV radiation and pollution.

To learn more about how a SELPHYL® treatment can benefit you, contact us to arrange your appointment today.

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