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Kim’s CoolSculpting® journey.

Oakville Plastic Surgery, CoolSculpting

Our clinic manager shares her real-life results.

Last summer, my daughter got married. I had imagined her wedding day since she was just a little girl, so of course the motivation to look my best kicked in the moment she announced her engagement! About a year before the big day, I got a great deal on a beautiful mother-of-the-bride dress. Immediately, worry set in: “will I still fit in this dress a year from now?” This was all the motivation I needed to get to work on those stubborn areas of fat that were nagging at me.

Needless to say, when the opportunity to try a CoolSculpting® treatment presented itself, I didn’t hesitate for a moment! CoolSculpting is a body contouring treatment that works by targeting and freezing away fat cells, and it’s one of the most popular non-surgical treatments we offer. At Oakville Plastic Surgery, we like to experience the treatments we offer for ourselves, so that we can give accurate recommendations, and ringing endorsements that come from experience. I was excited to finally give CoolSculpting a try!

The “why.”

I’ve always been athletic, but as I got older and my metabolism slowed, and especially after I had my children, I started noticing a few areas of stubborn fat that just would not budge. Don’t get me wrong, I love to exercise and prepare healthy foods for my family, but I don’t want to spend hours and days on end in the gym – I want to live my life!

It’s important to know that CoolSculpting isn’t a substitute for weight loss, but it is a body contouring treatment that can help target those stubborn areas that aren’t receptive to diet and exercise (we all have them!).

The treatment.

The first step in my treatment was a consultation our CoolSculpting specialist, to determine which areas to target, and the session duration needed to achieve the results I wanted. Together, we decided to target my lower abdomen (4 cycles total), upper abdomen (2 cycles total), flanks (2 cycles total), and that pesky bra fat (2 cycles total). All in all, she prescribed 10 CoolSculpting cycles.

The treatment itself was very comfortable. Patients often ask what the treatment feels like, and whether it will hurt. I can officially report that it’s absolutely pain-free, though I definitely felt a cooling sensation, almost like there was an ice pack placed on the area being treated. Each treatment session lasted a couple of hours, and was actually quite relaxing! I wasn’t tempted to nap, but I did get a chance to catch up on some emails and reading!

The results.

I am extremely pleased—I might even say ecstatic—with my results. I first started to notice a difference about 4-6 weeks after treatment, at which point I looked at my body and proclaimed “hey! I am seeing a difference!” After about 2-3 months, things really started to progress, as I noticed a more “sculpted” appearance in the areas that were treated; I was so excited! After 4 months, I finally felt my results were final, and I was thrilled with what I saw. At that point, I took the “after’ pictures below.

Oakville Plastic Surgery, CoolSculpting before and after

Oakville Plastic Surgery, CoolSculpting before and after

Four months might sound like a long time, but if you’re patient, you’ll be absolutely thrilled with your results; I know I was!

I want to be clear that CoolSculpting isn’t a miracle weight-loss cure, and results will vary based on your body type. I did work hard and eat well throughout the process, but the treatment definitely helped me achieve better results than I ever could have on my own. In order to maintain my amazing results, I’ll continue to lead a healthy lifestyle because I’m so motivated by the way that I look!

My CoolSculpting treatment really has changed my life. I feel so comfortable and confident in the way that I look! At my age, it isn’t always easy. Women face menopause, hormones, and a slowing metabolism among other things, but thanks to CoolSculpting I get to enjoy my life, my family, and my friends without having to spend all my time in the gym. The treatment gave me a much-needed boost, and allowed me to feel really comfortable in my clothes, and my own skin. The best part? I looked and felt great at my daughter’s wedding!

Oakville Plastic Surgery, CoolSculpting

Now, when patients ask me about CoolSculpting, I feel confident telling them it is a fantastic treatment with no-downtime and no recovery. I highly recommend it for reducing those trouble areas you’ve always had concerns about.

If you want to learn more about CoolSculpting, schedule a consultation today.

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