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CoolSculpting® or liposuction: which is right for me?

Oakville Plastic Surgery, CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction

If you’re struggling with excess fat—those stubborn bulges that just won’t budge despite your commitment to healthy diet and exercise—you may be exploring your options. At Oakville Plastic Surgery, we offer both surgical and non-surgical options for fat reduction, and we’re often asked how non-invasive body contouring like CoolSculpting® compares to a surgical procedure like liposuction. The truth is, we offer both because both are effective options that work to permanently remove fat from targeted areas, but one may be the better option for you personally.

If you’re wondering which option is right for you, read on.


CoolSculpting® is the world’s #1 non-invasive fat reduction procedure. The treatment eliminates unwanted fat with no surgery and no downtime, using a process called Cryolipolysis to target and freeze fat cells without any harm to the surrounding tissue.

Downtime associated with CoolSculpting is minimal. Patients can immediately return to their normal daily routine, though some swelling, redness and bruising is normal and should subside within a few days after treatment. It’s important to keep in mind that more than one treatment cycle may be required (we usually recommend 1-2, depending on treatment goals), and results can take up to 12 weeks to appear as fat cells are metabolized by the body to reveal a trimmer and slimmer physique.

At Oakville Plastic Surgery, CoolSculpting treatments start at $750 per cycle.


Liposuction is a surgical procedure that sculpts the body by removing localized deposits of fat through a small vacuum-suction tube inserted under the skin, resulting in a more precise and immediate removal of fat.

Since liposuction is a surgery, the procedure is more invasive and requires additional recovery time when compared to CoolSculpting, however the results may be more immediate and pronounced. Recovery is different for everyone, and will depend on your individual response to surgery, but in general, patients are able to resume normal activities within 7-10 days. You can expect some bruising, swelling, and temporary numbness following the procedure, but these side effects often subside within about a week. All patients are provided with a custom-fitted garment to wear in the weeks after surgery to ensure proper healing, and the recovery process is closely monitored by Dr. de Kleer and her team during follow-up appointments.

At Oakville Plastic Surgery, the cost for liposuction starts at $4500 but varies depending on the number of areas being treated.

Making the right choice for you.

Both of these body contouring options are effective, but which is right for you? If time is a concern, it’s important to note that liposuction will remove the fat more quickly (in fact, liposuction can reduce fat by 75%, whereas with CoolSculpting, it’s more like 25% per session). If recovery and downtime are important factors, CoolSculpting may be the option you’re looking for, since downtime is minimal and you can return to your normal activities immediately following treatment.

When any patient is considering whether body contouring with CoolSculpting, or a plastic surgery procedure such as liposuction is the right choice for them, our team will always make recommendations based on individual conditions and goals. Many factors will come into play when making this decision including cost, recovery time, and patient eligibility.

If you’re considering either procedure, a professional consultation is an important first step. Contact us to schedule your consultation today.

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