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The Best Cosmetic Treatments for Ontario Wedding Season

How to Look Your Best for Wedding Season


As the flowers start to bloom and the sun finally makes a grand appearance, some of us are also looking forward to celebrating summer nuptials. Wedding season is a time when we all want to look our very best; whether you’re the bride, the groom, the maid of honour, the proud mom, or a lucky plus one. Here’s how cosmetic treatments and procedures can help you prepare and refresh your look for wedding season!

A glowing complexion

Many of us find that our skin is dull or dry following a long winter. A specialized skincare regimen lets us formulate a routine that triggers your skin’s healing and regenerating process; sloughing away dead skin cells and getting back to the glow you used to know.

Looking to address depressed acne scars or smooth skin texture? SkinPen Microneedling treatment delivers a series of tiny pinpricks along the skin that help spark collagen production and to trigger the body’s natural healing and regeneration processes. 

Medical Grade Peels give your skin a second life for wedding season. With deeply exfoliating, anti-aging properties, these treatments improve skin tone and texture, restore a more youthful appearance, repair damage, improve acne concerns, and more. Ask us about other solutions based on your specific complexion concerns.

Bright Eyes

Eyes make a strong first impression. If you find you look more tired than you feel, it might be time to consider an eye-opening treatment or procedure. Ask us about eye products that brighten and refine, or consider upper blepharoplasty for a surgical result that lifts your lid. A regular skincare regimen can accelerate cell turnover to aid in smoothing wrinkles and brightening the under eye area. Injectable solutions like dermal fillers can also help fill out a gaunt or hollow looking eye area. 

An eyelift, also known as blepharoplasty, surgically addresses eye concerns like sagging skin on or around the eyes, under-eye bags, or drooping eyelids. This surgical procedure can be an effective solution to “wake up” the eye area. An upper blepharoplasty or eye lift addresses puffy, hanging or loose skin on the upper eyelids. 

A smooth silhouette

Every size is beautiful, and it can be hard to celebrate a big weight loss or enjoy your figure if you have hanging skin or fat that won’t go away with exercise. On the non-invasive side, you can explore options like CoolSculpting to freeze away stubborn pockets of fat. If you’re looking farther ahead and seeking a bigger solution, liposuction or tummy tuck surgery can be life-changing. Book a surgical consultation to explore solutions that could be right for you today.

Looking for more solutions? 

Zap away hair for smooth skin, learn about breast implants, medical grade skincare, and injectables to make a brilliant change and take back control. Enjoy wedding season!

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