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Injectable Treatments 101: Learn the Basics

Injectables 101: Learn the Basics of Cosmetic Treatments

Here’s How Injectable Treatments Can Refresh Your Look


The best injectable treatments let you look like you. Dermal fillers and neuromodulators do it all: from smoothing lines, folds and wrinkles, to refreshing volume in tear troughs and lips. Did you know that injectable treatments can also treat a double chin? If you’re new to injectables, don’t worry! We’re here to help you navigate this new world and excited to show you all that injectables have to offer. Here’s what you need to know about injectable cosmetic treatments as we head into autumn, a lovely season of change.

Are neuromodulators and fillers the same?

Injectables serve a variety of cosmetic purposes. Each injectable treatment has its own goal, and fillers and neuromodulators each have their own role to play. Our expert injectors can create a specialized combination plan unique to you, combining injectable treatments. But not all treatments are the same. Get to know the different types of injectable treatments.

There are two main categories of injectables:


Neuromodulators include injectables like BOTOX® and are designed to relax the muscles that cause folds or wrinkles. For example, that line between your eyes when you furrow your brow. Neuromodulator injections like BOTOX® temporarily disarm the muscle that contracts and causes the skin to fold, preventing future creases and smoothing current lines.


Dermal fillers are a different family of fillers and differ from neuromodulators. Rather than addressing a muscle contraction, fillers restore volume and fullness to help smooth and contour. Many also include Hyaluronic Acid (HA) to infuse skin with moisture and trigger collagen production beneath your skin’s surface. Fillers are meant to help patients reduce or diminish facial lines, deep folds and other ill-defined features. Injectable fillers treatments are also popular for renewing fullness to thin lips, filling that tear trough that can form under the eye area, and contouring the face. At Oakville Plastic Surgery we only use premium fillers like Juvéderm.


What does Belkyra do?

Belkyra®, also known as fat lipolysis, is another popular injectable treatment here at our Oakville clinic. This injectable dissolves the fat that causes a double chin and creates a smoother, more contoured jawline. Submental fat (fat under the chin) can create the illusion of a double chin no matter your weight or body type, and you don’t need surgery to address this concern. Read more about injectables for double chin treatment here.


In an earlier blog, we asked one of our Nurse Injector’s Cheryl what she loves most about injectable treatments. Here’s what she said:


“What I love most about injectable treatments is seeing the clients react after a treatment; that moment when I’ve completed the injection and a client – who was frustrated or emotionally stuck on something that distracted them about their appearance – sees themselves for the first time. Nothing compares to the moment when someone looks at themselves in the mirror and is so satisfied with their appearance for what, to some, can feel like the first time. It’s a beautiful moment to be a part of!”


How can I ensure great injectable results?

You need a skilled injector to get beautiful, safe, natural-looking results

Many specialists have their licence, but not everyone can get results that honour the beauty of your facial symmetry, and the proportions of your unique features. Make sure your injectable treatment is safe and successful by choosing your specialists wisely. Read reviews, and look for injectors like ours who have decades of experience, a wealth of education and training, and a great gallery of B+A’s to demonstrate how your actual results will look.

Have a clear sense of your goals and discuss them in your consultation

A great injector will help you build realistic expectations, and will only recommend an injectable plan that highlights your natural beauty in a way that’s gorgeous every time. Write down what you love about your appearance, and how you’re hoping injectable treatments can improve what you don’t like (wrinkles, lost volume, etc). Bring this to your consultation so your injector can get a clear sense of why you’re exploring injectables. 

Ask questions!

Our team has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to injectables; so a consultation is a great time to explore everything you’re wondering about. You might be surprised at what’s possible, and how we can combine fillers and neuromodulators to create a specialised plan to rejuvenate your face. We also want you to be comfortable throughout the process, so let us know if you’re curious or concerned about any aspect of your injectable experience.

How can I improve or elongate my injectable results?

You can elongate or improve results by combining your injectable plan with a great skincare regimen. We carry a wide range of medical-grade products and cosmetics that are backed by science and specialized for each skin type. By taking care of your skin, you can tackle the natural signs of aging from every direction; injectables to contour, smooth, and refresh, and skincare to target wrinkles and texture through a smart product regimen. We’re passionate about creating plans that meet your aesthetic goals through a variety of innovative treatments and products. 

Here are some pages on our site to help inform your injectable choices:

Want to get started with injectables to look your best?

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